Tackling Obesity and Lack of Exercise

Tackling Obesity and Lack of Exercise

A full scale, national, and non-partisan debate is needed on tackling obesity in Malta. http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20161020/local/maltese-fattest-in-europe-by-a-wide-margin.628570 . This should be top priority for whoever is in power. All options should be on the table as this has a huge financial impact on our health services, as well as the physical development of Maltese youth.


Malta is spending millions tackling the problems resulting from obesity. We need to invest much more in sports and exercise for all. Not everyone affords paying a gym fee. Provide a scheme to allow as many people as possible to use sports facilities. Government schools with sports facilities should all be opened (early morning and late evenings) to the public to use.

Hit the nail on the head. This idea should exploited in conjunction with the food we eat and mental health which is as equally as important. Think long term. One word: TRIFECTA 🙌

Combining the issue of obesity with the serious traffic issues in Malta, by creating safe and decent bicycles lanes on all roads around Malta and gozo which would provide an effective alternative for the younger generation to commute.

I think sports should be compulsory in all schools and children should have a minimum of 3 - 5 hours a week of physical activity. It would not only help them with their weight but will also keep them away from drugs

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