0% Tax on Fruit, Vegetables & Water

0% Tax on Fruit, Vegetables & Water

This could be coupled with a sugar tax or higher tax on junk food. This is the least we can do to get our obesity levels down.


this is already in place. Staple foods, which are mandatory to the human body are all placed at 0%, whilst when it comes to luxurious food items the VAT amount ranges from 3% - to 18%. For example fruit juice is at 3% as it is still a source of vitamin, but they are considered to be a luxury when compared to the fruit.

This has already been done, where Maltese people pay 0% tax on fruit, vegetables and water, amongst other items.

There should be more tax on water in plastic bottles!! Tax deduction uf you invest in reverse osmosis, filter or the reusable 19L water bottles delivered with dispenser. Save the nature and use less plastic!

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