Vertical Farming to Boost Agro Sector and Solve Pesticides

Vertical Farming to Boost Agro Sector and Solve Pesticides

The number of full time farmers is decreasing. Malta mostly import the majority of its food. Pesticides pollute our water table and can be health hazards if used excessively. Farms require a lot of Land. The solution: Indoor Vertical Farming. Advantages: Controlled indoor environment i.e. protected from harsh weather & no need for pesticides. Smarter water conservation. More produce in less area. Opportunity for University research. Better working conditions I.E. more attractive to youths.


This entails an increase in production. We already have an oversupply of most of the vegetables, with farmers receiving ridiculous prices for their product. Thus this idea should be coupled with crop plans and alternative markets (exports). The management should be central.

Ideally these are not built on existing farmland. It would be a good project to reclaim old warehouse and factories to support vertical farming.

As an example, 1 indoor acre of strawberries can be the equivalent of 30 acres of farmland. Increasing productivity can make this sector more financially attractive, especially for youths.

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