Race Track in Malta

Race Track in Malta

Set up a race track in Malta for motor sports enthusiasts.


If I could I would press the 'LIKE BUTTON' and keep on clicking it to infinity. I am a Motor Sport enthusiast and it is important to have this TRACK which has been promised to us BUT like the song of Mina and Alberto Lupo goes ' PAROLE PAROLE PAROLE' fatti, niente!!! Besides it would be a great attraction not only for us Maltese but also by foreigners. Who knows maybe one day the GP Formula 1 will be a eventual venue :)

I support the idea only if it won't be of any inconvenience to residents in the vicinity.

The 5 international consortium have expressed their willingness to commit to the development of a Motor Recreation & Education Park, a world-class facility which will generate substantial economic benefits to Malta. Their ideas were based within the reality and limitations of our island, with a clear understanding of the identification of the land and the issuing of Request for Proposal would be done some after the EOI. Therefore, we cannot argue that there is no space for this national project.

Maybe we can dedicate a large stretch of road in Malta, with proper infrastructure for professional racing on our streets (to organize local races) .. let's not dream about F1. This way Motorsport enthusiasts can practice their sport in an allocated time. Other people can take alternative routes in that time frame.

I am a car enthusiastic person. I would love to have a race track in malta. BUT not at the sacrifice of ruining areas or even annoying residents.

altough I am a motorsport enthusiast, I regretfully say that in Malta we do not have space for a race track. We cannot sacrifice more agricultral land , trees, virgin land to support a ractetrack

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