Manoel Island - National Park

Manoel Island - National Park

The maltese people deserve a national park similar to central park in new york to be able to enjoy a better quality of life


Malta deserves a national park in the middle of the cement jungle. Give us a breathing ground.

Manoel Island is the green space that Sliema needs. Demolish the all the rundown buildings and beautify. Fort Manoel should be restored and made viewable to the public.

The island will need to be linked to the blood circulation of the urban area. Keep it a park and also encourage use by commuters - with a cycling bridge, as discussed in Times of Malta:


Budapest have Margaret Island and its just a Park with a jogging track all around overlooking the Danube, with Sports facilities and limited Catering facilities....would be great to have manoel island like this.

Great idea.

It's more than need.

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