Mater Dei: A €2 fee for anyone to go the mater dei emergency

Mater Dei: A €2 fee for anyone to go the mater dei emergency

It's about time a minimal fee becomes mandatory. €2 is nothing, but it will mean a lot to the doctors and nurses helping us. This fee will help reduce people going to emergency (because, yes, a €2 fee will stop people from going and will instead go to a free of charge poly clinic!). This will help doctors and nurses cope given the lack of staff. This will also mean that people who really went because of an emergency will be seen to quicker!


True....but a political shot in the foot...can already imagine opposing party crying out that healthcare is not free

I'm not in favour of having to pay for health care but I do agree that a strong educational campaign (and potentially measures too) is required to minimize individuals from going to Mater Dei Emergency when there is no reason to.

So you have a free public healthcare system, yet you want to make people pay if they go in for an emergency...

Instead of this, health centres can be equipped to serve as A and E

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