Tax Reduction For Graduates

Tax Reduction For Graduates

A tax reduction at the start of one's career would surely be beneficial for a number of reasons. At this point in life the individual would be looking into buying a house or also investing into equipment needed for his job/career. With all that said any financial assistance from the government, such as the above mentioned tax reduction would undoubtedly be helpful.


I don't agree with you Darren. First of all the stipends should increase because €86 a month are notting today. Secondly Malta's only main resource is the training and high education of it's people and workforce, that is what brings foreign investments to our country. Therefore greater initiatives have to be set up by our goverments to encourage more and more people to continue with there studying.

Unfortunately, after graduating, most companies give very little salary to graduates, almost close to minimum wage. Which is unfair after all the years of studying. At least if they're going to get a low pay, tax should be deducted.

Like i said €86 a month are not enough therefore most students after finishing their studies are going to start from 0 or even in depth and i believe an idea like this can help them a lot and at the end of the day they are going to give much more to the whole nation

The government was there to give you a free education and stipend. I really don't agree that we should also accommodate graduates with a tax reduction. The government already gave you all the tools to better yourself and find a decent job with better then average salary.

I think this would encourage an individual more to pursue a career with a degree. Knowing that after he/she graduates the government will reduce tax for x amount of year/s. Remember that not every course is free.

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