Autonomous Mass Transport System

Autonomous Mass Transport System

A fleet of electric, autonomous vehicles to gradually replace and phase out personal motor vehicle use. Individuals would subscribe to the system for a monthly/yearly fee enabling them to call a vehicle much like they would a taxi. Such a system, on a national level, would greatly reduce traffic and parking problems, better air quality and improve mobility for a number of people.


I had the idea a few months ago and I have discussed it with friends and family. I have more details to add to it if anyone is interested in discussing it in detail. One can also involve major technology and vehicle production companies and start with a small pilot project. It will be feasible in a few years time with a little advancement in technology.

This idea is a great idea! The way forward is self-driving cars - that is the future and there is no denying it. There have been many proposals for self-driving cars but why not go one further? Why not have a whole system at a nation-wide level? Brilliant!😁

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