Cycling as one of the solutions to traffic

Cycling as one of the solutions to traffic

Establish a cycling route network linking together the entire island. Then build bike lanes/paths when the route comes into a main road. Crossings at roundabouts/junctions. Remove the pedelec registration as it killed the use of such e-bikes which assist in hills. Malta's the only EU country with such registrations. Pedelecs in European cities have exploded in popularity. Subsidise them as they're too expensive. Install bike racks up to standard; Valletta desparately needs some especially too


I believe in a healthier environment and lifestyle, cars are increasing rapidly. Pollution , stress and health problems should be the main concern not to mention the road accidents that are increasing in an alarming rate. The bike is a solution to a healthier lifestyle which most people ignore.

Our roads ARE NOT SAFE for bicycles: - NO BIKE LANES in the vast majority of roads - it is PROHIBITED to cycle in tunnels ( you can see the signs before entering tunnels) - roads with high speed limits (80kph) DO NOT HAVE SAFE BIKE LANES (bike lanes protected by crash barriers) - car drivers DO NOT RESPECT riders - HEAVY POLLUTION from cars makes it hazardous to cycle in our roads because of inhalation of toxic fumes Unfortunately we need proper legislation before going for this :(

Cheaper than a Metro and it goes everywhere

Not only will it improve congestion and pollution problems, it will have a massive impact on public health and the public health budget as active transport. Just look at the photo of the WHO's HEAT tool. Cycling saves more lives than it loses and with the right infra (segregated cycle lanes reduce fatalities by 98%) that's virtually zero too, but importantly helps improve the quality of life of an otherwise largely inactive public. Get people on bikes, you'll save money at all levels.

Cycling is the only mode of transport that save the island fromall the access traffic

I sincerely believe this is the way forward. Why so? Because I cycle to work everyday, and have done so for the last 6 years. I go to work during rush hour, when traffic is at its worst - just like almost everyone else. That's exactly when cycling is at its safest - the slowly moving traffic renders cycling safe and gives time for drivers and cyclists to react. Other reasons: Malta is a tiny country and we have an obesity crisis

Even just a few small steps in the right direction could make a big difference. No one is expecting an overnight cycling revolution, but cycling needs to become a feasible option for commuters.

Dan huwa l-unika mod sostenibbli kif nistaw innaqqsu it-traffiku.

This is the way for Malta. It increases tourism, decreases the government health care expenditure, increases productivity at work. Thank you.

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