Il-bini fi triq ghandu jkun kollu fuq l-istess livell

Il-bini fi triq ghandu jkun kollu fuq l-istess livell

Qeghdin jinghataw permessi biex djar jitwaqqghu u minflokhom jitilghu flats ta iktar minn 2 sulari minghajr ma tinghata attenzjoni ghall-fatt li l-arkitettura rurali lineari ta dik it-triq tigi irrovinata permanentament


Arkittettura Urbana

As a consequence of the new policy introduced in this legislature re building heights, certain properties adjacent to new developments were devalued. Worse still, some would have invested in solar panels/heaters only to end up in the shade of the higher building next-door. Compensation should be given by the developer, and this should be done retroactively from the date when the new policy was introduced.

this is a no brainer , of course shouldnt even be considered at PA

I agree completely. I also suggest that such permits should not be granted in streets where such development has not started. These developments do not only distort the architecture and character of the locality but they also cause a lot of problems to the residents who have to cope with noise and dust pollution and damage to their property. This kind of activity never stops because once one house goes down then all the others houses in that street will follow suit.

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