introduction of 1 year army experience at the age of 17

introduction of 1 year army experience at the age of 17

Our youngsters, the future of Malta, are to be encouraged that after 6th form they are to spend one year in there army, learning new skills, become more mature and have better attitude, the return of investment in this will be seen through the development of these youngsters.



As someone who was 17 only a few years ago, I think this is a HORRIBLE idea! I literally can't imagine myself being part of the Army. No Thank You

Extend your idea from army to similar organizations (eg Civil Protection) and exempt students in tertiary education

This a a very good way to help our youngsters to instill some much needed discipline, although I would set a time window from when they become of age at 16 till they reach 29. They will chose the time for one year service.

Maybe a year is too much, but we definitely need more disciplined citizens.

Ok ok not everyone is cut .... but a year discipline will increase youngsters & studies. in my humble opinion

Our youngsters need to learn how to respect authority. A little discipline will work wonders in a future society.

And what about those students who wish to further their studies at the university? At 17, students are still in their 1st year of 6th form or MCAST. Should they pause their studies for one year? Just remember that not everyone, or better still, only the minority is fit for the army.

Not everyone is cut out for a life in the army. There are other ways to instill discipline in our youngsters.

I do support IT. xejn xejn jihdu ftit dixxiplina..

I do support this idea. What I would add however that apart from army experience there will also be a second choice of doing voluntary work abroad. This ensures that youth meet with other cultures - reducing the current mistrust in people 'who are different'

I support this idea however I don't think it should be set in stone at the age of seventeen but rather a time period (17-25 yrs) so that one can get a year of army experience before work

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