Underground Car Park - University of Malta

Underground Car Park - University of Malta

Develop an underground car park in the vicinity of the univeristy in msida to help ease student stress, traffic and pollution.


Let's think of ways we can be less dependent on the private car instead of encouraging its use even more.

And who's gonna pay for it? Start paying for parking itself and you'll find a parking spot. Price according to demand. Or no economics lectures at uni to understand?

I perfectly agree with Andrew Vella that more parking areas increase traffic congestion with all the pollution and frustration that it creates. in my opinion the only solution lies in EFFICIENT & RELIABLE PUBLIC TRANSPORT.

Poor decision in the long-term

Parking areas actually increase traffic and pollution, because they encourage driving. It is basically an incentive to drive.

As the situation stands today, students who have lectures starting at 9, 10 and even 11am, have to be at Uni by 7.30, otherwise there's no chance of finding a parking spot and getting to your lecture on time. By increasing parking spaces, students whose lectures start after 9am do not have to leave home at 6 in the morning, therefore REDUCING TRAFFIC. I believe more parking spaces at UOM would be would be the best option.

It is useless to dwell on using less private vehicles because we all know that we are over our heads with busy schedules and can't afford to spend hours waiting for a bus to arrive, and then take an hour long journey to arrive to your destination. I am a UOM student and for me car pooling is almost impossible. I go to work after my lectures, what am I supposed to do, carpool to university then catch the bus to work and back home? Reality is what it is and this initiative is what we need!

Lets start with having proper parking for bicycles....

I agree. It is no secret that the majority of students at UOM use their cars, even if the public transport system is improving, for the simple reason that today students have a busy, hectic schedule. Most of us commute from home to Uni to work and back home EVERY DAY. Therefore, public transport/bicycles are not always a viable option.

Instead of increasing traffic on this island, let's find ways to encourage less use of private vehicles.

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