Fish Farms

Fish Farms

Fish farms should be moved out of the bays and out of sight.Owners of said business will be subsidised for fuel & will be be given incentives to keep the fish farms in order-according to EU standards. They will be heavily fined if found to be in breach & possibly incentivized to keep farms in order. Weekly checks will be conducted on fish farms by a board set up for that sole purpose. It'll be business as usual for 'fish farmers and prices will not be effected for consumers given the subsidies.


Completely agree! They are ruining our beautiful bays! Move them out and away from where we can see and smell them!

This will ensure a better , healthier environment - cleaner seas, cleaner air (we will be rid of the stench), cleaner fish, and finally an end to visual pollution. The fish farmers will nit be burdened with extra costs as a result of the move but they will be heavily monitored and fined if they put a foot wrong. The monitoring board should be made if up experienced and well respected individuals including divers and marine biologists, acquaculture experts

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