Remove the Individual Investor Programme

Remove the Individual Investor Programme

Malta took enough bad reputation for selling out our citizenship and the right to be part of the European Union for a financial investment.


why should we beg to support our economy we have enogh local brains

I think that unfortunately, the PN has made a u-turn on this issue :( At first it vehemently attacked this scheme and it looked like the PN was completely against it and I agreed. Now the PN is not completely against and is ready to keep it in place :(

Citizenship should not be considered as a commodity which can be sold and purchased. The fact that other countries do it and/or that it is a good source of money cannot be used as excuses for this scheme. A high net worth residency scheme should be introduced instead - one which would grant specific rights but definitely not automatic citizenship.

The IIP is not such a bad idea but we need to be VERY selective on those applicants we grant Maltese citizenship to - therefore I am against removing the IIP but for making it wholesome and transparent

Agreed, Maltese citisenship is something that should be earned and not bought by simply investing.

And where's the money from past sales?

Make it clear to the EU that its mechanics will be revised, it will be less prone to corruption & dodgy applicants. I don't agree with removing it, after all other countries have similar schemes. But with more strict rules, as Simon Busuttil is proposing. Finally it's a good source of income

Amend where necessary and not remove completely

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