Vulnerable Children

Vulnerable Children

We need to give more support to foster carers to support better the children and young people in thier care. Children in Foster Care need to be given stability and permanency.


The more we look after vulnerable children the more better citizens they will become.

Children are the embodiment of love, innocence, and hope. Each and every one of them, with the right amount of love and care, has the potential to change this world.

First of all it would encourage more young couple to consider foster care. Secondly , such financial support would provide some independency to those children, in the sense that this kind of support would lessen their dependency on their parents. This way, when these children grow up they will not fell as if they owe more to their foster carers then normal children owe to their own mother and father.

...because children are children no matter what their background, who their parents were or where they come from. The feelings, desires and needs of a foster child are the same, if not more of that of any other. Thank God for foster carers who take these children into their hearts and homes and we need to support and cherish them.

Yes. I definitely support this idea .We haven't had the slightest info or feedback though with regards to the PN manifesto . Nor has there been any indication when the new child protection act presented last January will become legal notice and acted upon. Children in limbo are tired of waiting and have to be released asap for adoption. But children don't have a vote so there's no rush or priority is there ?

Children have a multitude of needs. Foster carers need to be supported more and better. They also need to be offered much better training to be able to respond to the children's needs. Children's needs will mostly be met in foster care but our system also needs the residential homes which form an essential part of our service provision. Service providers should collaborate more and Appogg need to take more responsibility and need to be more proactive to care for these children.

I was fostered

Children are the future. Please give them what is theirs by right. Their dignity should not be tarnished by any adult's attitude.

Because each and every child deserves to live in a stable household and to be loved. This will pave the way for a better society.

Children are innocent in the larger scheme of things. They need to be loved and protected and this is a basic human right.

Bec they need love and protection.

Every innocent and abbandoned child deserves to live! No child should ever suffer consequences for her/his parents mistakes and live all their life fealing unwanted.... As for the foster carers yes they do deserves permanency after all they offered and opened there house door to a child that isnt even theirs but love it as there own! 😊

Because every child deserves individual attention, love and stability when needed just like a normal kid with parents.

Because every child has the RIGHT to a family, love & protection. They are innocent & I cannot tolerate the idea that they grow up without a family to take good care of them! No child should be put in an institution & remain there till they are of age. The country needs to know how many vunerable children we have in Malta. Ideally every baby & child under the age of 4 years old should never see the inside of an institution !

We are foster carers and feel alone without proper communication and support from the respective authorities. Never any calls how is he doing or so. Only the mandatory meetings and that's it. This make us feel alone. Getting the necessary professional support will motivate current foster carers to encourage much needed others into fostering.

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