Multi-Sensory Room f'kull Skola

Multi-Sensory Room f'kull Skola

Investiment f'multi-sensory room f'kull skola Primarja u Sekondarja tal-Istat sabiex insaħħu l-inklużjoni fis-sistema edukattiva. #autism #adhd


I support this idea as there are autistic children in every school and these rooms come in handy especially when children are still toddler age and they experience melt downs .

And another thing people.......sensory rooms are not there for when children have tantrums. They are there to be used once or twice in a day and their use is for our kids to learn how to control their bodies and behaviour

A specialized school would be a better idea. They can use a sensory room but they cant use it all day

This will provide a suitable environment for autistic children. Making their days more calm and enjoyable.

Good idea

I like this idea because autisem is common in all schools and having a grandson with social autisem this room would have been helpful when he was a toddler and having melt downs at school.

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