voters living abroad

voters living abroad

Introduce the facility to allow voters who live abroad to vote from their staying country


Practical and cost efficient

Voting rights in Malta is not connected to citizenship but to residence. In the current situation the voter receives his/her voting document at the home address and thanks to this document (s)he is able to vote. If a Maltese expat does not have any residence in Malta (e.g. parents are dead and the family house was sold) then this voter will not only not have a Maltese ID card (lack of address) but also no door at which the police can knock on to hand over the voting document. This is ridiculous.

This facility is already available in other countries for expats

Totally in favor of this proposal and it should be difficult to implement

Cheaper, more practical, more efficient than dishing out subsidised air-tickets from a bankrupt AirMalta.

Do you think that an electronic voting would be an efficient way of voting? Those living abroad avoid the hassle of travelling and we know of many friends who will not be travelling as flights were extremely high. Or else maybe they can vote at the relevant Embassy. We would also avoid the fear there is at the moment re: votes

So many abroad who would like to come to Vote and were not given leave - Voting in Embassies is to be introduced -

This system should also be a BETA version to improve our current electoral system - we're in 2017 and we still use papers & pencils.

Many voters like me have to buy expensive plane tickets, (unsubsidized by Air Malta) besides taking time off from work. I'm sure malta is losing many votes. It time to address this issue

They could vote at the Embassy or online

100% agreed - Government is spending too much money to bring voters to vote in Malta

This could also be introduced for locals!😄

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