I have a lot of gay friends who are going to vote PL just because our party has the stigma of being an anti gay and LGBTI party. People has to hear it from you personally Simon that the PN will never change any laws and will keep on working on Gay Civil rights and in favour of the LGBTI community. Only I know how many gay friends I have who were Nationalist and in the last election voted PL and they are going to vote PL again in this election. Please mention this issue before it's too late.


The LGBTI group needs the party leader reassurances so that their rights are untouched and kept protected.

A word of advise to all, it does not make any difference whether you are straight, gay, trans, tall, short, religious, non-believer, normal, weird, working class, posh, north south, somewhere in between, local, foreign, immigrant or anything else. Come 3rd June, if Joseph, Konrad, Keith and Brian win, this country will go down fast and very hard. If that happens, civil rights discussion will not be on the agenda anymore, everyone will scramble for survival. So, let your friends know about this.

First: LGBTI now is LGBTIQ. Second: I dont think that there will any goverment stupid enough to remove these types of laws! Se mai add more rights!

Support yes, all out. As long as it does not involve surrogacy, sperm/egg donation or embryo freezing to obtain one's own children. Children should be left to enjoy their connection to their roots as much as possible.

The PN is not anti gay

I feel that Dr. Busuttil should be more clear about this issue. Unfortunately for many gay people the next main issue is to have the right to be able to marry and have the exact same rights as a straight couple and the PL is using this issue to attract more votes. We live in a time where these issues are very important and PN should be constant and clear about this subject. We lost a lot and a lot of people just because the PL showed more interest in the LGBTI and it worked.

I agree that the PN should reiterate its support for LGBTI people as this issue is being hijacked by the PL just for the sake of votes. The PL are claiming to implement gay marriage within a year, when all they have to do is change the bill's name from 'Civil Unions' to 'Gay Marriage' or 'Marriage Equality'. SB and the PN had already requested that this be done immediately, but for some reason, this is still unclear and has, as a result been hijacked by the PL for gains when it comes to votes.

Do mention that the PN has the first declared transgender and gay candidates for the upcoming election

It is not politically incorrect to argue the point with any LGBTI friend who uses this argument to justify voting PL that other issues such as corruption, bad governance, nepotism, etc, affect them too. Being LGBTI does not make anyone immune to everything else that is happening in the country. It is very short-sighted and irresponsible to base ones voting preferences on single issues.

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