Promote music tourism

Promote music tourism

Support the promotion and development of music tourism and the promotion of Malta as a centre for music and the arts. Conscious of the important developments in this sector in recent years, including in the electronic, alternative, and heavy metal sectors, we pledge to: a) introduce measures to reduce bureaucracy and red-tape hampering the development, longevity and feasibility of the sector; b) support initiatives through funding of innovative proposals in this sector;


c) after consultation with the sector, address the needs and aspirations of protagonists in this sector.

a) nintroduċu miżuri biex innaqqsu l-burokrazija li ttaqqal l-iżvilupp u l-vijabilità tas-settur; b) inniedu inizjattivi ta’ fondi għal proposti innovattivi f’dan is-settur; ċ) wara konsultazzjoni massettur, nindirizzaw il-ħtiġiet u l-aspirazzjonijiet tal-protagonisti f’dan is-settur.

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