Grant to visit an EU destination

Grant to visit an EU destination

Give each young person between the ages of 18 and 21 a one time grant to be used to visit any EU country of their choice. Where a language learning course is followed during such visit, the grant will be increased to cover the cost of that language learning course.


What's the point of the free holiday? I'd rather create a fund for university/mcast organisations and NGOs to tap into to subsidise their overseas trips. Many organisations find difficulty into tapping EU funds - would be wiser to create a national fund for which the organisations can apply for. If was a 20 yr old given a free holiday I'd rather go to Ibiza or Ayia Napa.

This is a brilliant idea because not enough youth are exposed to a different view and way of doing things. It comes with the baggage of being an islander. This country sorely needs people who are able to look at it from afar with critical, caring eyes. I would therefore suggest that this scheme be connected to a minimal stay duration - at least 6 months. It might be made more affordable if it is combined with following a course or internship/training.

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