Retain Air Malta as our National Airline

Retain Air Malta as our National Airline

Maintain a national airline, since we believe that our country needs this to maintain accessibility to and from Malta. This will be undertaken with local investment and fair solutions for the workforce.


I totally agree with this proposal though I think in my very humble opinion that to be competitive flight prices should be revised. Having our own Airline is an asset and an advert in itself promoting our beloved country, which we must do all that it takes to save it from drowning!!!

The BOV shareholding model should be applied for AirMalta. The company can be recapitalized through a share issue on the MSE. This should be followed with a strong business plan. With new capital and a dynamic leadership the company can compete on the European market and be a strong flagship company for Malta. The company must start looking beyond our shores and venture into new markets. Yes it should remain our national airline but it can be much more than that.

Air Malta provides an essential communications link between Malta and Europe and between Malta and the rest of the world.

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