Consolidate Malta's Financial Services Industry

Consolidate Malta's Financial Services Industry

The consolidation of the financial services sector will be an immediate priority. We will: a) Immediately set up a High Level Expert Group, with the participation of all stakeholders, to study the situation of this sector, and to make recommendations. b) This Commission will be tasked to prepare a national strategy for the financial services sector. c) Ensure the independence of the regulatory authorities. d) Place emphasis on importance of innovation in the regulatory framework of the sector


I worked in this sector for 30 years for 4 different banks. The sector is in need of strong leadership and a new vision. In the last 10 years quantity rather than quality was the main focus. We need to make a quality leap by attracting reputable institutions. Malta can be a hub for the finance of international trade by attracting established international banks in this sector. Trade Finance Banks will in turn attract large trading companies to Malta and create new job opportunities

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