Review current disability pension system

Review current disability pension system

Review the current disability pension system and discontinue use of the Barthel Index: (i) Persons with a very severe or severe impairment who cannot work because of their impairment will be entitled to the national minimum wage (ii) Persons with a very severe or severe impairment who can work will be entitled to a full disability pension; (iii) Amputees, or those who have lost function of any of their limbs, will be entitled to a disability pension.


Criteria to screen for eligibility should be there to ensure that those who need support can access it. I agree that the Barthel index can exclude many individuals who are living with severe disabilities, particularly intellectual disabilities which prevent the person from gainful employment. Persons with disability deserve to have financial independence.

It will help to reduce the financial burden on parents / siblings / carers

I support this proposal since it is our social responsibility. However disability is a wide spectrum and one glove does not fit all. There is a group which is constantly overlooked. The "not so severe cases" who are constantly being discriminated and prevented from contributing to society, because they cannot compete in labour market. These people do not need social pension but opportunities to work in supportive, dignified and secure workplaces.

The current pension system has been reformed to an allowance. This system does not ensure adequate financial support as it uses the Barthel Scale Index to gauge the financial aspect and categorising into three levels. This reform is skewing the effectiveness of having a financial benefit which should address the maintaining of future quality of life within a minimum standard of living regardless of the type or level of disability. Current reform penalizes persons with intellectual disability.

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