Address injustices in the service pensions

Address injustices in the service pensions

Forza Nazzjonali will address injustices in the service pension in a gradual manner according to the pensioner’s age. Through this pension all those turning 80 (2,300 persons) will be enjoying their full pension. Those who are younger, will take a percentage varying between 20% (for those who have not turned 65) to 80% for those between 75 and 79. (This proposal will lead to an increase of €22M in pensioner’s pockets).


This injustice is a very old sore point. It needs to be addressed before all those who could benefit pass away.

Justice prevails. What about other Pensioners who worked with Barclays Bank? Will they benefit from this proposal? Will the pension be backdated?

To promote active ageing,I think the prohibition of work for those who start receiving a pension at 61 should be changed to a limitation rather than a complete prohibition.

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