Widows to inherit their husbands’ pension

Widows to inherit their husbands’ pension

Forza Nazzjonali will give widows who worked at home (housewives) the right to enjoy the full pension obtained by their husbans before their death. (Today, these widows only enjoy 5 of that pension).


I fully subscribe to this proposal. A surviving spouse (often a woman who had devoted most of her life to raise the family) often finds herself in poverty after the death of her husband or partner. I agree that spouses should receive pensions as a unit.

Spouse pay tax as a unit. They should receive pensions as a unit. When one spouse dies the shock must not be compounded by life becoming financially difficult for the survivor.

Pension has been aid during working years of husband/ wife

Why not also widowers? if it is the wife who works (for various reasons e.g. disability of husband/illness) why shouldn't the husband receive the pension obtained by the wife? Remove gender bias please!

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