Minimum Pension in line with Minimum Wage - €169.76 a week

Minimum Pension in line with Minimum Wage -  €169.76 a week

Forza Nazzjonali will raise the Minimum Pension in line with the National Minimum Wage - €169.76 a week. This means that the Minimum Pension will increase from €147.23 (for a married person) or €131.47 (for a single person) up to €169.76 a week. (This proposal will impact more than 18,000 pensioners who will pocket more than €8.50 a week).


It is logical. If one needs a certain amount of money to live, stopping working does not mean your daily requirements are in anyway reduced. As one gets older some needs increase.

This is great and fair. My wife and I left Malta at age 42 now resident in Canada. We worked in Malta for a number of years, myself 24 years. My wife receives E45 a month, and when I asked why this little I was told that she should have topped it up, as there was a loophole. We never knew this from Canada. Do I understand that this is going to be remedied. Thanks and forza PN since 1952.

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