Exempt all pensions from income tax

Exempt all pensions from income tax

Forza Nazzjonali will exempt all pensions - irrespective of the amount - from income tax. This exemption has no limit and applies to all pensions.


Min ghandu penzjoni tat tezor ukoll u ghad ma ghandux il penzjoni tal eta?? Grazzi

It is illogical to have pensions taxed. Aren't we taxed enough when we are working.

I cannot like the "no limit". Be realistic and cap at 300 euro weekly per person.

I agree with this proposal, but not irrespective of the person's pension amounts. There are persons taking three pensions (such as military), and pay their dues.

Especially those who used to work before 1979

contd: I myself am a pensioner, and while I appreciate and agree in principle, yet I admit that a pensioner doesn't have the expenses workers have to travel and eat at work and have more proper change of clothes etc etc etc.

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