Embark on new social housing projects

Embark on new social housing projects

During the past four years Government failed to seriously address the problems related to social housing. We want to reverse that.


Yes, but we need to have strict checks in place make sure that those who benefit are truly those in need.

Government adresssed problems of social housing negatively as rents were increased considerably. There was talk that this would be reversed but till now nothing was done. This increase is a burden for persons who are experiencing financial difficulties due to social or medical problems. Requests for alternative housing were not addressed. People who have mobility problems and live on the 3rd or 4th floor without lift facility are prisoners in their own home.

We need housing for the forgotten generation 45+ whom are single, separated or divorced with no dependants. These people are in private rented accommodation hold down a low income job, work hard so they can pay the high rents n bills, yet are barely surviving. Some are with health problems but want to work and be productive. They have no savings and are vulnerable members of society.. Why not give them housing at a reasonable rent eg 250. 00E a month as they are working to offset those that cant

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