Increase assistance to NGOs working with the homeless

Increase assistance to NGOs working with the homeless

Homeless people are on the rise. we need to give the best help we can to various NGOs which are struggling to extend their services to these people.


Why limit this to NGOs working with the homeless only? I suggest a system whereby all NGOs may qualify to receive assistance based on their performance in their respective fields. Some form of assessments will need to be in place to ensure that funds are being used effectively and that the NGOs are fulfilling their roles diligently.

We should create a service for people with low income.The government should introduce a system were used appliances and many items like clothes, furniture, and other useful but expensive items that are still in good condition should be recieved. Pentioners and unemplo like electricians,sewers,carpenters according to the needs,can help in restoring these goods by paying them a min will beneficial for the people living on minimum wage who cannot afford expensive items and for unemployment.

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