Gender Equality in Action

Gender Equality in Action

Ensure that at least half the members appointed to all public boards are women. A new Government will also encourage the private sector to do the same, both in terms of teleworking and in terms of high level appointments


I fully support this. Teleworking is much more productive than going to the office or any other place of work. I can tell from my experience. Generally, persons working telework are given more work. Yes, I know that teleworkers have more flexibility but they have less distractions, they do not abuse sick leave, they reduce traffic etc. This should be encouraged more especially in the private sector. Private companies should be given tax cuts for persons working on telework.

Teleworking : the general public should be informed, as it is very frustrating and time wasting to go to an office and be told that it is teleworking day. Quotas : Totally disagree. People should get a post if they are capable not because of their gender. Equal Pay: Way back in the sixties, I took my first decision of never to accept a job that pays less because of gender. In fact, I still can't believe that this subject is still being discussed.

Gender quotas make for an artificial form of equality. It is better to research what is causing the inequality in the first place and address those root issues.

I disagree with gender quotas. With quotas we are saying "women are less capable than men and that's why there are more men than women on boards". We should not underestimate the capabilities of women and therefore we should address what's keeping women back from being on boards. Let us not be sexists. We should look at experience/certifications/talents etc. of a particular applicant and not at the sex!!!!

I agree with the teleworking idea but disagree with gender quotas.

Many jobs today can be carried out through telework. I am convinced that workers will be more productive if they work from home. Workload can be blended - 2 or 3 days on site with 2 or 3 days from home. Travel time is saved; reduce commuting & hence traffic; reduces need for sick leave; introduction of more efficient work practices.

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