Summer school for children with special needs

Summer school for children with special needs

Forza Nazzjonali will create a Summer School programme for children with special needs, providing this service to parents and carers of special needs children who will thus be allowed to continue working in the summer months, safe in the knowledge that children in their care are being adequately looked after by competent professionals.


Children with special needs should attend any type of school with their same age ('non disabled') peers. We should not go back to segregation and exclusion. Summer school was made available to everyone including students with special needs also by the previous government.

I know a lot of mothers who have kids with special needs and it s always a problem with regards to summer school

I fully agree with inclusion

As long as they integrated with all other children. I believe in inclusion.

I agree that they ought to have their own summer school, but I believe they ought to integrate as much as possible with their peers without special needs.

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