Free Childcare for all children

Free Childcare for all children

Extend free childcare services to all children, not only those whose parents are in employment as it is today. This is a social, educational and early developmental measure that will also help those families which find themselves in a vulnerable situation.


It is a good idea as long as all childcare centres keep up to national standards.

This should not be limited to children up to the age of 3. Once children start school, working mothers often have no option but to take leave when their children have no school. Working afternoons is also very difficult especially for parents of children that attend church schools. Klabb 3 - 16 starts too late for us at 14:30, since most church schools end at 13:15 every day.

All help should be given to those in need in this case for child care (eg in case of disabled child, siblings can be taken care of while parent dedicates more time on those special needs..) ...but if not working and have no special circumstances, i think this measure should not be a priority for such cases

This proposal is risky this way as it might lead to employers employing women off the books as anyway they will still benefit from childcare facilities. The country will lose FSS and NI contributions.

I think this proposal is a bit risky too. Free childcare to mothers who work is giving an incentive for more mothers to get back to work and contributing to the country.

With all due respect, I do not agree with this proposal as I strongly believe that children should be brought up by their parents & not having a carer taking care of their children. The upbringing that parents give to their own children cannot be given by carers. Regardless, I should have encouraged parents by giving them attractive incentives to bring up children themselves. Parents especially mothers have an important role especially during early ages.

Because nowadays families have few children

Families now are having one or two children. Children need to interact more

Modern domestic life is increasingly hectic. People often require to do some errands or go to appointments and need to leave young kids in a safe place. Grandparents or friends are not always available. This is a good idea.

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