Through Sports, Forza Nazzjonali can improve the public's health, strike a better work-life balance, foster a sense of community and well-being and improve quality of life.


Sports as a Sector of our Economy

Modern Futsal Facilities

Financial Support to Improve Climbing Facilities

Develop 4 Sports Villages at UoM, Marsa, Ta’ Qali and Gozo

Support Students excelling in Sports

Promote modern sports such as Drone Racing

Address Target Shooting

Strengthen use of Solar Energy in Sports related projects

Malta on the International Sports Stage

Intensive campaign for motorists and cyclists

Investment in Marsa Racecourse

Financial Support to Existing Sports Clubs

Continue with process for introduction of race track

Walking/Jogging/Cycling track in Ta’ Qali.

Bike to Work Scheme with One-off Tax Cuts

Infrastructure Projects for Sport Enthusiasts

Encourage Sports amongst persons with disabilities

Increase support to Athletes and Associations

Financial Support innovative initiatives related to Sports

Sports Facilities in Marsaskala

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